Helen + Hell


‘How do you know but every bird that cuts the airy way / Is an immense world of delight, closed by your five senses?’ —William Blake Helen + Hell is a one-act dance-drama in eight scenes for four performers; an actress, a singer, a dancer and a musician. Three characters living in a hole, eating only fish soup. Helen is the Taoiseach. Fintan the Tenor is her slave and Pinky the Dancer is their captive. There is no more food, no more money and no more fish! ‘And unless something changes quickly they will be in some serious shit!’

Helen + Hell was given two work-in-progress performances at The Backstage Theatre, Longford. 140 people attended over two nights and there was a post-show talk both evenings.


Writer and Director.
Michael Keegan-Dolan

Original Music.
Philip Feeney

Sabine D’Argent

Lighting Design.
Adam Silverman

Sound Design.
Denis Clohessey

Script Advice.
Finn Beams

Liam Ó Maonlaí, Olwen Fouéré, Rachel Poirier, Martin Brunsden

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