MÁM T-Shirts based on original artwork by Dómhnal Ó Bric, designed by Cathal O’Flaherty in 2021 to commemorate the MÁM by Michael Keegan-Dolan and Teaċ Daṁsa a stage show which premiered in the Dublin Theatre Festival featuring 12 international dancers including Rachel Poirier with music form Cormac Begley and the s t a r g a z e music collective.The shirts come in 5 sizes XS S M L and XL and are made in Belgium from Organic Cotton




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T-Shirt cost: €26 (inclusive of postage)

Goat Man (x-large, large, medium and x-small) - €26 (incl p&p)

Ellie on the table (x-large, large, medium and x-small) - €26 (incl p&p)

Blue Stargaze (x-large, large, medium and small) - €26 (incl p&p)

Cormac and Ellie (x-large, large, medium and small) - €26 (incl p&p)

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